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Learn MS Project From Scratch, Project Management And Complete Project Through B.O.Q And Earn 11PDUs
  • MS Project Installed in your computer (You can use Trail Version)
  • Basic Concept of Project Management.
  • Basic Knowledge of MS OFFICE.(Not Necessary)
  • Earn 11 PDUs towards your PMI certification.
  • Develop skills in project scheduling.
  • Complete Project According To B.O.Q In MS Project.
  • Physical S Curve With The Help Of MS Project And Excel.
  • Report Generation In MS Project.
  • We Will Create Complete Project according to Bill of Quantity (B.O.Q).
  • We Will Learn to Define Resources For Our Project .
  • We Will Give Relationship to activities .
  • We Will Create Shop Drawing Submittal And Approval In MS Project.
  • We Will Learn how we can review our time schedule.
  • MS Project From Scratch
  • Gain Project Management knowledge.
  • Financial S Curve With The Help Of MS Project And Excel.
  • Material Procurement (Check How Much Of Material In A Project We Need For Next 1 2 Or 3 Months)
  • Earned Value In MS Project .
  • We will Create Activities W.B.S In MS Project according to B.O.Q.
  • We Will Import Resources In MS PROJECT From Excel.
  • We Will Find out Total Cost For Our Project.
  • We Will Create Material Submittal And Approval In MS Project.